Photo credit: Bash Fish. Source: Unsplash.

Where does my Sanctuary live?

within the catacombs of / my

body / where voices are carried /

by a wind / and silence is an /



What does the Sanctuary say?

it says / my existence is a temple /

of flowers / of water / of life and

death / of you and I in a burning

house / to-ge-ther


What does the Sanctuary do?

it is a guardian / not an angel / a guardian that shows me

the path i journey / only to submerge /

when its facade erects / it is a cocoon / that envelopes

me / as everything turns to fire / it is

a giver of life / death / pleasure / fantasies / elixirs


What is the Sanctuary?

the sanctuary is a mirage / it is many in one

a silence that enrages / it is everything

I surround myself with / every spec

of truth and lie / & many more

it is a building enclosed / with

endless corridors


How does the Sanctuary look?

like a peace stricken asylum / that is not dark /

like an open book of oceans /

like a taciturn home / like heaven




Obasa Oluwafunmilayo is an upcoming Nigerian poet and photographer, currently studying History and International Studies in the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. With her words and photographs, she paints images of her imaginative sentiment, political faults of her country, and equality. In the coming years, she wishes to become well-known—to enlighten a somewhat traditionally stricken society with her art.