The bible begins by telling us that we are the image of God, but omits to say humans are the embodiment of light and darkness. If God is light & the devil is darkness, how is the human a composite of both?

I sit on this question as the window viewing into my being & I see my existence crouch on a mast of questions I call paradox. We hear in church that the road to hell is broad, while that of heaven is narrow & a gallow breaks open within me, a question leaps out: should God have prepared the roads before the end of the world? Another: does God predict his images, the doom of hell?

I take a bible verse to my pastor, asking him why hell is that furious at humans, he rebukes me with the scorn of the devil. What then is hell, if not grace under pressure?
As a young boy in the choir, I’ll sing, this world is not my home, I am just passing through… Today, I say, oh, but the road to home is narrow. I ask God why? Just why? He says silence. What is silence, if not rustling of the heavens?

Now weary with a sore in my throat, I ask my mother what is the truth in all of this, she says time will tell. What is time, if not the shadow alternating the past, the now & the future?
I ask you too dear reader, will I be forgiven if I said there was no God, or will I too, be doomed for death? What then is death, if not something of darkness in us? Or what is God, if not a thing of light in us?


Photo by Paul Robert on Unsplash