Brittle Paper fam, the Nigerian author Emmanuel Iduma recently launched a newsletter titled Tender Photo. The newsletter is weekly and highlights the work of early to mid-career photographers based on the continent.

Photographs will be featured alongside introductory remarks by Iduma, followed by a longer, detailed article in which the featured photographer details their journey—from craft and technique to motivation, etc. Even more exciting, readers get to participate in the process by contributing captions to additional shared photographs by the same photographer.

In an Instagram post, Iduma remarks on the desired impact of the project:

I’ve long thought of art critics as stop-gaps between the artwork and the artist, and between the artist and the audience. This newsletter is my attempt to practice that idea without inhibition, to serve as the middleman in the exchanges between a photograph, its meanings, and ultimately its impact.

So far, Iduma has featured two photographs by Ifebusola Shotunde and Etinosa Yvonne. Congrats to Iduma on this initiative, which we think is needed. We need more people doing high-quality writing on diverse spheres of creative expression: film, music, and so on.

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