Why does your face call to me?
Your siren song, sweet symphony
Princess of the sea.
The funny thing is you don’t know
How you cast a spell on me.

Oh, a tragedy.

You could have been Shakespeare’s muse
This tempest you have caused in me
See I remember,
That very first burning ember
You sparked, Green-haired enigma.

Some consolation.

I knew the risks of your sea calls,
But I could not resist it,
My heart insisted,
Even now my soul persists,
That’s why logic has to assist.

Lion in the sea.

That’s what I am when I’m with you,
Sorely out of place,
I am not a sea lion,
So you see, scion,
We both roar loud in different spheres.

Gloomy sunflower.

I have to say goodbye to you,
I fear you will grow on me,
Then how will I cope?
I must be a rolling stone
Else sink in your uncertain sea.