My mind is littered with sour memories.
The taste,
An assault too bitter.
So, I spew them as broken poetry.

Do my wails not sting your ears?
Why are you oblivious to my pain?
Not even a guise of goodwill,
You just shut your eyes, and watch me die.

Be silent.
Don’t speak,
Be quiet.
Hide behind the veil.

I’ve been battered by your judgments,
Bludgeoned by your hate.
Shriveled up under the gaze of your scrutiny,
A near death experience at your ungentle touches.
Yet, I saw the light of another day.

Dying ember at the brink of dawn,
Soot in the chimney of an abandoned house,
I was birthed in a city where callous words were like blessings.
The venom dripping from their mouths,
Trying to send me into oblivion,
Like stardust revolving around the moon.

Hateful words,
Adorned beautifully with irritation.
You are small.
You are broken,
And should be cast into the great chasm of despair.

I was birthed in a city where my tears rained,
Overflowing rivers.
Treacherous currents filled with anguish and sorrow,
Like jagged rocks.
A torrent of depression.

I was birthed in a city where I donned shame like a dress,
Where I powdered my face with the dust I land on.
A city, where I moisturized with the spittle of my kinsmen,
My hair, cut with their blade of suppression,
A city, where I always sang a heart rendering number.

I was birthed in a city, where I grew with my tongue tied,
Wearing the scars of your lovelessness like a cloak.
Die. Die.
A recurring thought,
Yet, I survived.

I was birthed in a city where I was a stain.
An anomaly to be purged.
Bit by bit, I’m piecing myself together,
A complex jigsaw puzzle.
A broken god.












Photo by Franklin from Pexels