white cotton,
fluffy furs
splashing across the greens –
like a white button,
on a finely made fabric.

white cotton,
spidery legs,
swaying against the whispering wind,
flushing back fine memories
of a child thrown in the air.

white cotton,
a large moss beyond the soil of Burkinabé,
cluttering a budding seed,
in cosy fingers
made of white hairs and nothingness.

white cotton,
ordinary lives,
smooth and elegant like a dancer,
taking a gallant ballet
on a given stage of open atmosphere;




Post image by Michelle Garayburu via flickr

About the Author:

Portrait - OyekuAyo Oyeku is a Nigerian writer with over a decade contribution in the world of prose and poetry. His poems have appeared in a number of anthologies across the globe, including, Illuminations (Celestial Arts, 2006); Fingernails across the Chalkboard (Third World Press, 2007); STAND OUR GROUND (Freedomseed Press, 2013); The Sky is Our Earth (Sankofa, 2015). He appeared as a Guest Contributor in According to Sources (Writers Project of Ghana, 2015). Kalahari Review is the place to visit for his latest poems in 2016. His debut novel still enjoys a fine acceptance, and he is finishing up on his second novel.