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Pepper Soup Cover

If you are in the mood for stories assembled around the idea of love as it relates to women’s lives, you’ll enjoy Pepper Soup.

Timendu Aghahowa who edited the volume has done a fine job of collecting a set of delicious stories inspired by the travails and triumphs of women in everyday scenarios.  The collection includes writings by Kiah, Sifa Asani Gowon, Maryam Isa, Adanna Adeleke, Pamela Agboga, Lilian Izuorah and Joy Ehonwa. The twelve stories combine to form a multi-dimensional image of the Nigerian woman. They show us women falling in love, women going for job interviews, women being silly and funny, but also being wise and mournful.

As Adebola Rayo puts it in the introduction, “Many of the stories feel very real. They gave me the sense that I was sitting in a Sisters’ Circle, listening to the wisdom of women, learning from their cunning, and laughing at their wit. In every story, I found myself rooting for these women, even when I didn’t agree with their actions. But isn’t that the mark of a good story — the reader falling in love with characters s/he doesn’t see eye to eye with.”

It’s also just refreshing to encounter characters with names like Ivie, Khalil, Prela, and Afoke. We love that Pepper Soup features a rich cast of characters drawn from ethnicities other than Yoruba or Igbo, who are often represented in mainstream Nigerian fiction.

There is nothing better than women writing about women’s lives and doing it beautifully with humor and warmth but also with brilliant prose and thoughtful reflection. That’s Pepper Soup is truly a gift.

Treat yourself to all twelve stories by clicking HERE.

Browse the Content Page:

HOW TO MAKE PEPPER SOUP by Timendu Aghahowa – You have never made pepper soup before in your life, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

A DAY FOR CHANGE by Pamela Agboga – A new door was opening to her, and she was determined to step into it like a queen.

THE UNRAVELLING by Lilian Izuorah – Let us look at it as an adventure. One day we will tell stories of this.

PEPPER SOUP by Joy Ehonwa – On my way to work, I had stopped at a tiny restaurant in my estate to buy pepper soup for my boss.

A TIME TO FALL by Kiah – He was asleep on the couch, looking like a fallen soldier who never even got the chance to try out his favourite weapon.

PLAYING PRETEND by Adanna Adeleke – I trace my name in the sand. I smile. I am finally becoming.

DOING JUST FINE by Timendu Aghahowa – To be honest, most days I don’t even think of you.

FOR THE LOVE OF GUAVAS by Maryam Isa – ‘Over my dead body,’ she said. ‘You won’t take this one away from me too.’

FULL CIRCLE by Sifa Asani Gowon – Irony is the mirthless chuckle coming from your throat when the joke is on you.

HOT PEPPER SOUP by Pamela Agboga – Our story happens on Olofofo Street, so named by the animals that live on it.

TRYING FAITH by Kiah – The thing about having faith was that it was hard.

A PRAYER FOR EBI by Timendu Aghahowa – Your head is lowered, because you have been crying, and you don’t want anyone to know.






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I hold a doctorate in English from Duke University and recently joined the Marquette University English faculty as an Assistant Professor. I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

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  1. Nneka Ezealor-Oladimeji 2017/05/20 at 18:06 #

    Just reading the content page and I don’t know why my cheeks are wet.
    Timendu, I know this is going to be one of those life changing reads for me.
    I have tears in my eyes, like I do when there’s too much pepper in my peppersoup.

    Well, some like it hot…

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