Brittle Paper is delighted to announce a new, deliciously spooky story series. For the next six weeks, beginning on October 7, we will run Anthony Azekwoh’s Witches of Auchi in weekly installments.

Witches of Auchi is woven around the exploits of a small coven of witches as they try to navigate life and the challenges it throws at them. Azekwoh is a writer-illustrator living in Lagos. Some of you may remember him from 2 years ago when we published his Fall of the Gods story series. He writes mostly fantasy inspired by African folklore and mythology. With The Witches of Auchi, he takes the folkloric figure of the witch and gives it a modern, feminist reboot.

SYNOPSIS: A long time ago, witches came to Nigeria. Some people say they came for the magic in our land, but, truly, they just came for the jollof rice and have been here ever since. Witches are known to be bloodthirsty, cruel, and evil. But the Witches of Auchi, a small coven located on Adelabu Street in the nondescript Mama Dor’s All Purpose Shop, are different. These are their stories.

The stories are funny, dark, and action-packed. Tons of fantasy and magic. Get ready to laugh, cry, and rage at the darkness and learn a thing or two about the power of women to transform their world.

Here the release dates: Oct. 7, Oct. 10, Oct. 14, Oct. 21, Oct. 28, Oct. 31

Mark your calendars!