in another dimension,
a deep fake of you longs for the original of
a body screaming for eternity.

i will search for you then.
i will hold out a lantern
filled with tenderness encompassing our sins
& when the sky starts making a mess of itself
— heavens falling. hells rising. angels wailing —
i will bear the mark of a god
inside the promises we make
& i will love you then.
you will either hold me through and through
or you will not hold me at all,
& i will be happy with either choice you make.

even in this opposing reality,
my existence is tied to your existence.

& this is the moment we cue in our queen,
a separate being from myself,
screaming for help.
her king is like a knife in a gunfight,
& still she screams: save me! save me!
she is the damsel, you are the distress.
save her? how?

love is pouring inside this alternate,
but your eyes are those of a robot.
the wiring is fixed all wrong
& the electricity in your veins is running out.
save her? how?
you are too afraid to read between the lines of code
too afraid of being sentient
& so i digress.

even in this opposing reality,
i am too aware to love you still.











Photo by Rootnot Creations on Unsplash