she comes by night,
her regalia shining like searing embers.

when she cradles my weakened torso,
wings sprout from my saddled back and I ferry to another orbit.

she stages as a canary and croon,
my droopy ears reawaken, be-charmed by her sweet chants.

she brings out a match and ignites,
a bright glow looms over the crepuscule in my cold chamber.

she waltzes around to tunes, unheard
and I marvel. my face expels smiles I never knew it harbored.

I grasp her cloak as she turns,
this she does when she is ready to fade.

I bellow, feeling pangs and plead to be told her name
peace, she says and then, dissolves.

fervid, I sway in the amber glow
but murkiness pervades my chamber again.

when peace revisits, I will hold her captive
so my soul doesn’t suffer throes it cannot withstand.

that when dawn knocks, while the bell of life tolls,
the pangs I feel shall be encroached by the glow, peace gives.



Photo by Miguel Alcântara on Unsplash