Eternal Eden,
of orbs and magic;
bright light of rainbows
and diamonds of green fountains.

Spirit world of shadows,
beautiful terrors of eternity,
where thousands of feasts hold sway
and the sands dance forever.

Scare of mortality.
The fact of dying
and the rigors of existence,
would like flour storekeepers come to dust.

Here in this other realm,
amongst the simple beauties of eternity,
phantoms feast, play and sorrow with the unborn;
and the air littered with the scents of our ancestors.

Here, the hallucinatory streets of controversy,
creation sprang from the reeds.
A land of intense beauty and many surmises,
of things I had barely begun to learn.

Of all these beauties
and aesthetic ecstasies,
I still fear to dwell in this paradise.
And whomever that had much courage to crossover,
a hero you’ve become.



Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash