She tried to follow the flock and go with the wind
But in her blue-speckled, red-splattered, green-hued coat, she clashed.
Stark and different, she stood out.
She bumped against many, flew alongside sameness, and landed straight into the wearied fatigue of ordinariness.

It was stiff

Then she jumped on the wind
Flew against it
Back against the sun
Shadows dropping fast
Higher and higher
Testing the contrary winds
Strengthening her once fragile wings

This was her waiting to happen
She became a miracle in motion.

The rush
The power
The thrill
The knowledge
The strength


Image by Ada Umeofia. Love her work! Check out more of her stuff at ThatVoid

About the Author

Onomarie @ Shoot 2 copyOnomarie Francesca Uriri is a graduate of English Literature from the University of Lagos; a marketing communications executive by day and a writer for the rest of the time in between. I believe in the power of words, the efficacy of prayer and the goodness of people. I have varied interests, but primary amongst them are writing, reading, travelling, meeting people and experiencing different cultures.

I’m fascinated with my personal universe. believe that we are all part of a constant, wondrous, sometimes crazy flow of life, orchestrated by God because He wants to express Himself in full glory through us.

I love food, fashion, music, white forest cake, family, friends and words… yes, words are definitely my thing!